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December 13, 2005, 3:04pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
Guest User
Written & originally posted by Opfer now updated by Opfer to work with 9.5.

This mod is very useful for forums where members tend to post something, then, half a minute later add something by posting a new reply instead of using the "modify" button.

With this mod, you (Administrator or Moderator) can merge these two posts of the same member with one click. And if he posted three times, just click on the button again to merge it together again.

This is how it works:

Post 1:

I'll go to the cinema this evening!

Post 2:

I'll watch the new ... movie!

To merge these two together, you'd just have to click on the "Double Post" button next to the "delete" button.

Then it'll look like this:

Post 1:

I'll go to the cinema this evening!

I'll watch the new ... movie!

Install guide:

1. Upload the "delete_double_posts_v1_4_p95_en_6610.v2m" into your mods directory.
2. Upload the "dDouble.gif" into your "blahdocs/images" directory.
3. Install the mod though the "Modification Center" in your Administrator CP.
4. Then you should delete the backup files (only the ones in the Languages Dir)
    produced by the Modification Center or you'll have two "English" Langpacks in the
    choosebox in your member center.
5. There should be a button captioned "Double Posts" next to the "delete" button in
    every post but the first of a thread.

Hope this is of use for some of you.

The first file is for forums with only the english langpack installed and the second one is for forums with both the english and the german langpack installed.

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