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January 5, 2012, 11:15am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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Hi, I have an EBLAH forum which I purchased from someone last year. I had the site transferred to me but I have totally revamped the site and changed the name of the forum. I have attached it to my http://www.Pigeonpixels.co.uk homepage and you can click through to the forum. But when you click the forum the old name of pigeonglobe.co.uk appears as the hosting for the site is still on this address.
The renewal is due for pigeonglobe at the end of the month and I want to transfer the whole forum onto pigeonpixels.co.uk and take out a hosting package on this site.
The issue I have is I did not install the site and done know how easy it is to transfer to the new hosting without ruining the existing forum. When you go onto the forum site the address that comes up is:- http://www.pigeonglobe.co.uk/Blah.pl?
I want to have the site called http://www.pigeonpixels.co.uk and I want this to appear when going onto the site. I have files all stored on the remote host but is it just a case of copying them to the new hosting name and the site will remain unchanged or is far more compicated than that? I am very confused.

I have checked the directory settings on the forum and they are as follows:-
Root - .
Code - ./Code
boards ./Boards (drectory)
Preferences - ./Prefs (directory)
Members - ./Members (directory)
Messages - ./Messages (directory)
Languages - ./Languages (directory)
Mods - ./Mods (directory)
Templates - /content/Hosting
/p/i/www.pigeonglobe.co.uk/web/blahdocs/template (directory)
Templates - /blahdocs/template (URL)
Avatars - /p/i/www.pigeonglobe.co.uk/web/blahdocs/Avatars (directory)
Avatars - /blahdocs/Avatars (URL)
Forum Address - http://www.pigeonglobe.co.uk/ (URL)
Default Images - /blahdocs/images (URL)
Default Buttons - /blahdocs/buttons (URL)
Smilies - /blahdocs/Smilies (URL)
Blahdocs - /blahdocs (URL)
Blahdocs - /content/Hosting/p/i/www.pigeonglobe.co.uk/web/blahdocs (Directory)

I dont think there is a database attached to the forum and I am not sure how to transfer the forum at all. I would appreaciate your assistance in this issue as I need to transfer the site but do not want to damage the site in any way. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Shepherd
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E-Blah Community    Technical Support    Install Issues  ›  Changing hosting - help needed!

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