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Posted by: witwolf, June 18, 2009, 11:19am
Hey all!
So far, I am loving E-Blah: it is feature rich, simple to use, and free. WOW.

There are a couple of, what i would call intuitive aspects of E-Blah that i think should be part of the package. I searched the forums and found nothing similar, so I hope these are not repeats.

I am making a forum for some basic computer users, not advanced and all very efficiency oriented (ie they don't want to spend time looking for stuff)

1. Calendar: it takes a keen eye to FIND where to actually add a calendar event. The RSS feed is super huge and the modify calendar link is tiny. I would imagine this should be a big link under calendar options and not a footnote.

2. Calendar, again: through trial and error, I discoverd that you have to add an END DATE if you want an event to show on the calendar. the radial button for END DATE on the page makes it seem as if it is optional or for events that only run several days. I can imagine my users getting frustrated when they add events and nothing shows up.
Seems like that should just be part of the ADD EVENT: start and end dates.

3. Calendar, last time: My users won't know what to do with the "visible to" option. There are just too many options for them. Intuitively, I would think visible to ALL and to JUST ME would make sense, but all the goups and different levels of users is more of an administrator thing..

4. Colors: Would be super nice to have a drop down or a color picker. My users won't know what to put in here and will thus never use it.

Ultimately, I will put together a users guide for them. But some of the features just seem like they should fall more in line with other mainstream programs that people are accustomed to using. Just a thought.

Finally, is there a way to totally switch off the LATEST FORUM STATISTICS, as in completely off? The information is good for me as an administrator, but superfluous for my users, and possibly just clutter for them.

Thank you SOOO much!


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